NLHS Student Parking Regulations

Printable NLHS Student Parking Regulations

(form must be signed by parent and turned into your child's campus)

North Lamar High School Student Parking Regulations

Rules and regulations to be observed by students using the student parking facilities:

  1. Student drivers should plan to arrive at school at 7:50 am and enter the school immediately upon arrival.  No loitering is permitted in the parking lot or in vehicles.  Students should enter by way of the student lot (east) entrance.
  2. Drive and park only on paved parking areas, never on grass or walkways.
  3. Park only in student parking lot and never block the passage of buses or students.  Do not park in the faculty parking lot, the main driveway, fire lanes or handicapped areas. 
  4. After 8:05 am, students may not return to their vehicles without office permission unless leaving school for the day.
  5. The maximum speed limit is 15 miles per hour on school grounds at all times.
  6. Keys must be removed and vehicle must be locked.
  7. Even the slightest auto accident on school grounds must be reported to the office at once.  If appropriate, the office will contact a school resource officer and emergency medical services if needed.
  8. All general school rules apply to parking lot.  (example: no smoking in vehicle)
  9. Vehicles not properly registered in the school office are subject to being towed by a bonded local wrecker service (on call) at owner's expense.
  11. Student drivers should leave cautiously and as soon as possible after being dismissed - no loitering.  However, once all buses begin to leave, all vehicles must stop movement except to clear the exit route.  School buses will have right of way (as allowed by state law) while on North Lamar ISD private property.
  12. All safety rules of the road will apply when driving to and from school and on school property.  Reckless driving at any time will result in suspension of driving privileges and possible charges filed under Texas state law (if applicable).
  13. The parking lot is school property and the space where you park is provided to you when accompanied with Parking tag for $15.00 per year.  School officials reserve the right to search vehicles in the parking lot if necessary or if state law permits.
  14. All student vehicles must be registered in the office and must display a student parking permit while on school property.
  15. Only vehicles with parking tags are allowed to park in the student parking lot.  Visitors or parents dropping off students must do so in the (south) parking lot next to the main office.
  16. Driving to school is a privilege.  This privilege may be denied or revoked for any student owing an obligation or violation of North Lamar Student Policy.
  17. Any vehicle found with drug paraphernalia or any other illegal substances may be subject to impoundment by the North Lamar ISD Police.
  18. A student who gives his/her permit to someone else will lose that permit.
  19. North Lamar ISD Police Officers do periodically patrol the parking lot.  All vehicles parked in the student parking lot must comply with state law.
  20. All students will understand that under Texas state law, a police officer directing traffic is considered a traffic control device by his/her mere presence and the student will comply with all signals given by said officer.
  21. No student will be allowed to park in marked teacher/staff parking spaces or in the designated teacher/staff parking area on the north side of North Lamar High School.

If you are given a parking permit, you understand that parking is at your own risk.  North Lamar Independent School District is NOT responsible or liable for any damages to vehicles while parked on school property or at school related events.

Parking permits are the property of North Lamar High School and must be returned at the end of the school year.

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